Forum Title: Opinon on Shaw Jones Beach frieze?
A local carpet company recommended Shaw Jones Beach frieze carpet for our home. We've got pets and three young kids, so we were looking for something that would be 1) pretty stain/soil resistant and 2) relatively inexpensive. We were told that we could expect it to last us about 5 years, even though the various warranties (including texture) go beyond that. It is marketed as being pet resistant and has the R2X stain treatment. I haven't found any opinions about it online. Any opinions from the experienced folks here?
Category: Carpet Post By: JAIME RAMSEY (San Marcos, TX), 02/18/2019

I can't speak to the product, having been out of the loop for a few years, but I can speak to the fact that you may have an honest retailer on your hands. 5 years is really about the limit that you can expect almost any carpet to look new, especially with kids and pets. My advice, get the carpet that looks and feels nice to you. Nylon is always the best, in most circumstances, but it can be (usually is) more expensive. Also, don't steam clean overmuch, and keep shoes and socks ON. Body oils will destroy a carpet so much faster than dirt. Outside if that, good luck in your search. Maybe a retailer might chime in on the product itself here.

- ROSE J (Oklahoma City, OK), 04/06/2019

I like Jones Beach, spent many summers as a kid there. Nice waves. Carpet will start to show traffic patterns fairly quickly, the walked upon will differ in appearance than the pristine. Keeping it clean and moving on is about all I can say. Carpet and flooring in general lasts years longer than appearance concerns. High end carpet such as that in hotels, airports etc. doesn't even look walked on.

- WILMA VEGA (Kansas City, KS), 04/29/2019

Jones Beach is an entry level polyester carpet. For a decent looking frieze, you can't beat the price. Since it's made of polyester, it will be inherently resistant to stains and fading. However, 5 years is probably an optimistic time frame if you have pets and kids. You could see noticeable wear and tear much sooner. I'd advise to make sure you're vacuuming once per week and having the floor professionally cleaned with hot water extraction once every 18 months to 2 years.

- ROBERTO STANLEY (Revere, MA), 03/13/2019

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