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We've all seen 'em and at some point, isn't every carpet pro seduced or coerced into making a cat condo for a cat loving friend, relative or spouse. This morning I came across this photo and thought to myself, huh, a cat castle... this is how you know you've gone to far. It's OK, just step away from the glue gun and let the cat out. Or in, or out, or just stand there and hold the door until they decide what they want to do... ... patience, take a breath, it's OK, really. David
Category: Carpet Post By: Allan G. (Austin, TX), 02/24/2019

Well step kids brought a cat back to the house, those animals are whacked in the head. It pulls on the carpet and lifts it up, I said to myself of course it's loose, no one power stretches. Jumps up on the counter, not above cabinets yet where higher dollar stuff is on display, I don't like that foo foo crap anyway. I thought it was freaking out in the room seeing things, but later saw a nat, maybe they are normal in their world, not mine. Wanted to get a picture of it, they don't know where it's at.

- JOANNE GARRETT (Plano, TX), 05/16/2019

OMG I want one! The castle...not the cat. I love cats but the rest of my male household are allergic (sigh) so I can only have the castle. I know SEVERAL cat fanciers who would DIE for this castle! And their cats wouldn't mind it either.

- CLAIRE FRANCIS (Round Rock, TX), 04/15/2019

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