Coffee Stains

Top 10 Best commercial contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blog Pages - . If you have attempted to remove a stain without success please Contact us and let us professionally remove it for you. ProGreen Carpet uses this same method but we also can spray a inhibitor to stop any residue from rising up the fiber and our equipment will remove almost all of the residue to avoid the problem to begin with ..More

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Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Healthy Between Professional Cleanings

Listings Of industrial contractors - Service Contractor Forum Pages - . To get your vacuum to the right height, turn it to its highest setting and lower it until the suction starts to move the vacuum forward. A vacuum that?s on a low pile setting might damage the carpet and the roller brush, while a setting that?s too high won?t actually pick up dirt ..More

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Got Paint on Your Carpet? Here’s What to Do

Find industrial contractors - Guide & Tips On - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - If these methods aren?t working for you, it?s best to contact local carpet cleaners for hire. . Professional carpet cleaners are used to dealing with tough stains and will have specialized methods and equipment for removing the stain without damaging your carpet ..More

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Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Carpet Cleaning

Best Local master contractors - Home Technician Forums - By the time the first barbecue of the summer comes into fruition, your carpets will be sparkling, and you?ll have returned to being that simply dazzling host. Chances are, if you hosted the holidays at your house this year, someone spilled a little drop of wine or your great aunt?s dog left some reminders of his presence behind. . However, now that you?ve had the time to rest, consider a professional carpet cleaning. After a season of hosting events, you didn?t quite feel like spending any more money or doing any more work around the house ..More

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Pet Odor and Pet Stain Removal

List Of industrial contractors - Forum Topics - If this is inconvenient, there is a better method. Pet urine contains salts that are visible under black light. You can buy a cheap black light (for about ten bucks). Step 1: Identify the source of the pet odor This seems like an easy task, right? But when you look for the pet stain, it might not be visible to you. Then you turn on the black light and start searching the carpet. . One way to find a spot is to actually get down on your hands and knees and sniff your way to the offensive odor. Because pet odors don't automatically mean they are accompanied by an easily visible stain. Turn out all the lights in the room and close all curtains. pet stains will shine when the black light is pointed at them ..More

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